Radio-amaterske i CB radio-stanice i oprema

TYT /Tytera DM-UVF10 DPMR/ Retevis RT2


Digital dual-band.
Dual display, dual standby.
Backlight brightness setting.
Digital/Analog switch.
Voice scrambler.
Busy Channel Lockout.
DTMF function.
Emergency Alarm.
Remote kill, stun.
FM radio.
Contact list editing, storing.
High/Low Power Selectable.
Message Tx/Rx (Digital only).
Programmable multifunction side-key.
English&Chinese Standby prompt.
CTCSS/DCS auto-scan.
Frequency Range: 136-174/400-470MHz (RX/TX).
Channel: 256.
Channel Spacing: 25 /12.5KHz.
Operating Voltage: 7.4V (only 1800mAh Li-ion battery ).
Antenna: High gain antenna.
Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohm.
Working Mode: Simplex.
Frequency Stability: +/-2.
Output Power: >=4W (H); >=0.5W (L).

TYT /Tytera MD-390/ Retevis RT8



1000 Channels
400-470MHz UHF Frequencies (UHF Model)
Built-in CTCSS/DCS
5W/1W Output Power
Repeater Capable
AMBE+2™ Digital Vocoder
Uses Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Packs
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack Included
Includes Charger
Emergency Alarm
Encryption (Digital Mode Only)
Private Call/Group Call/All Call
Cloning Capable
Text Messaging
Talk Around
Channel Scan
Priority Scan
Lone Worker Mode
LED Status Light
Color LCD Display
Lighted DTMF Keypad
Hi/Low Power Selectable
Signal Strength Indicator
Battery Meter
Low Battery Alert
Battery Saver
Programmable Multifunction Key
PC Programmable (Optional Software and Cable Required)
Timeout Timer
Keypad Lock
Audible Button Beeps
Drop-In Charge Capable
IP67 Waterproof
Audio Accessory Connector

TYT /Tytera MD-380/ Retevis RT3



TYT TH-9800

Outstanding 0.2uV sensitivity across 10m/6m/2m/70cm bands
Brilliant cross modulation, intermodulation rejection and strong signal performance – similar to commercial radios!
Commercial quality and commercial performance, too!
256 memory channels
DTMF mic included!
Digital FM broadcast band radio
High/low output power levels
Reverse frequency selection
Dual (V/U) squelch set levels
Dual repeater offsets selectable
Multi-function scanning
Repeater offset selectable
Keypad lock function
Channel name editing
CTCSS/DCS encode/decode
Dual Band/Dual Receive: (Full Duplex)
Cross Band Repeat
TX Power: 5-50 Watts
Memories: 256
Antenna Connection: Two SO (UHF)

TYT TH-9000

p1308_1TYT TH-9000 60 Watt VHF Transceiver / 2 Meter Amateur Ham Radio 200ch by TYT.  VHF amateur transceiver. ctcss/dcs/scan/dtmf. 200 AlphaNumeric Channels, Built In Emergency Alarm. Five P1-P5 Front Function keys are user prgrammable/function customizable. Includes Keypad mic, power cord & bracket. 136-174 Mhz. Requires 12Vdc at 14 Amp.